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Yiddish Tuesdays


The Daily Nudge 

Meeting every Tuesday at 12:00 for a nosh and a kvetch. 

Yiddish Tuesdays is a weekly meetup dedicated to furthering our understanding of the Yiddish language. The focus of this group is conversational speech, inviting all ranges of fluency to join – with an emphasis on cultivating a nurturing and non-intimidating environment for beginners.  


Group meets once weekly every month at a rotating place to create the conditions to learn and practice yiddish speaking skills. This group is geared towards beginners, and will learn proficiency both in and out of group settings. The aim of this group is to not only learn the skills together once weekly, but continue the communication ecosystem both in and out of the group.

Goals and Objectives

Group Objectives 


  1. Support group for any level of learning, ability, and experience. Group aims to provide ethnolinguistic understanding of a specific aspect of Yiddish 

  2. Each session has a clear objective for a usable linguistic skill that is transferable to independent study; this group provides a framework and accountability system for co learning and collaborating.  

  3. Intergenerational space and is flexible in terms of size and physically meeting location. 

  4. Flexible space to expand accessible spaces through different creative outlets in outward reaching projects in the Valley 

  5. “World building” as a framework: we are committed to diaspora Jewishness; Yiddish can act as a tool for mutual support in understanding our positionality in the Valley. We aim to use Yiddish to contextualize doiyket through mending this aspect of Jewish culture that has been neglected. “Embodied learning” 


Long Term Goals


  1. Continue meeting as long as we can

  2. Create space for “breakout projects” in hopes to spread Yiddish in more aspects of Jewish life. Ideal would be to have members be involved to their comfortability

  3. Due to the creative nature of the people involved, we aim to continue to grow in out language skills together to sustain personal projects 

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