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The staff at would like to introduce you to projects we are involved in and support as part of our local scenes on the east and west coasts!

Kugelplex is the West Coast's rockin’-est purveyor of klezmer and old-world music. Formed in 2001, the group plays wild, soulful dance music at concerts, festivals and Jewish lifecycle events throughout the United States. Kugelplex is Jason Ditzian (clarinet/Manager), Dan Cantrell (accordion/piano/saw/vocals/Musical Director), Lila Sklar (violin/vocals), Michael Pinkham (percussion), Max Baloian (guitar/sound tech), Eric Perney (upright bass)


Myrtle Street Klezmer is an ecstatic exploration into the past, present & future of klezmer. The group plays events throughout the East Coast. MSK is Bea Carlson (accordion), Dan Baker (tuba/banjo), Jesse Olsen Bay (bouzouki/bass), Jason Ditzian (clarinet/Manager), Myk Freedman (guitar), Doug Plavin (drums)

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The Jewish and Romani diasporas represent two powerful histories of migration, resilience, and perseverance that crisscross the world. These diasporas intersect and intertwine in complex and intriguing ways, each one carrying its unique cultural traditions, values, and stories, yet sharing a common thread of exile, survival, and the struggle for identity and recognition. 


Yiddish Tuesdays is a weekly meetup dedicated to furthering our understanding of the Yiddish language. The focus of this group is conversational speech, inviting all ranges of fluency to join – with an emphasis on cultivating a nurturing and non-intimidating environment for beginners.  


Pop-Up Klezmer is a moveable feast of musicians playing folk music of Eurasian diasporic peoples here in Western MA. With no defined members, this collective is about musical exchange amongst musicians and audiences. Here we invite you both to check out some of our learning resources and the projects of local musicians we support.


Alongside music and yoga, Myk Freedman loves to use the tarot to help friends and community members. He sees himself as a guide in the process, using his deep knowledge of the deck to help the person on the other side of the table get clarity on what’s going on for them. 


Join Myrtle Street Klezmer, our friends, and community at the Parlor Room in Northampton, MA, for monthly Sunday morning family-friendly fun.


"Finding Home" Reading Tour is a literary and performance experience featuring author Dean Cycon and Jewish musicians Bea Carlson (accordion/vocals) and Jason Ditzian (clarinet) of Myrtle Street Klezmer & Pop-Up Klezmer collective.

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